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Meet Thalia

“Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference.” — Aristotle

How I learned to love Design

I’m a first generation Greek American. Both of my parents immigrated to America and settled in California from Greece. My father was born on Crete, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, and my mother was born on the southern Peloponnese coast, which is just as picturesque as Crete, and both have so much to offer.


I grew up vacationing in Greece every summer. As years went by, I started to truly appreciate why my parents were relentless about us taking these memorable Greek escapes. As I grew up, I started to pay attention and appreciate all the details more and more: the vibrant, colorful bougainvillea in front of my grandmother’s home that was planted in the 1900’s; the beautiful, lively “taratsa” (terrace or veranda,) always full of laughter, debate, wine and delicious food – oh so much food; the busy “platia” (piazza or “veranda” of the town) always humming with energy and people of all ages at almost all hours of the day; and the timeless architecture comingled with modern life, where everything just came together creating experiences, stories and memories. These details became a part of my fabric, and when missing, made life quite dull.

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"Be a voice, not an echo." — Albert Einstein

How I started in the Business

In my early 20’s my dad asked me to help him out at our stone fabrication shop to answer phone calls. As this was quite boring for me, I said I needed to go out on the field. One thing led to another, and over time, I quickly acquired the knowledge and experience to become an aspiring designer, implementing my ideas for incorporating stone and tile concepts for a variety of surfaces. My approach was hands-on, creative, and collaborative to ensure timeless design that reflected my client’s individuality and story.

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Where Ionian meets SoCal

Creating memories in Greece and living in SoCal have allowed me to combine my admiration for architectural design and my passions for all the small details. From hand-made, 19th century, black and Thassos white marble-checkered floors, to smooth concrete walls, solid, herringbones wood floors, marble fireplaces, and the endless wooden doors in every shade of blue that surrounded me, the raw textures spoke to me. Even the countless olive groves that produce the best olive oil in the world influenced my eye on design.

After twenty years in the business and with many projects behind me, I look forward to collaborating with you and helping you discover your aesthete.  


Founder & Principle Designer

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