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Be Bold. Design Your Life.

"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken." — Oscar Wilde


a person who understands and enjoys beauty; one who is attuned to the beauty of nature, and who possesses a refined sensitivity towards the arts.

At Aesthete Design, our goal is to help you embrace your space and discover your own aesthete.

How I learned to Love Design

I love the feeling that I get when I enter a space, and everything comes together in perfect balance. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and care that went into creating that experience. Everything from the floor, walls, ceiling, flow, furniture, smells, sounds, color, and lighting come together in a symphony, exuding tranquility, comfort, and happiness. The space almost interacts with me and tells a story.
So then, what’s my story? My story starts where the Aegean Sea meets the Ionian Sea.

Current Projects

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Interior Remodels

  • Initial consultation and job walk

  • Design and space planning

  • Material selection and procurement

  • Vendor and contractor collaboration

  • Installation services and project management

Custom Table Design

  • Stone and quartz dinning room, coffee, kitchen nook, office, outdoor, other.

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